Meet the Monsters


Inventing tricks is what Shaggy does and knows,

Causing chaos and damage wherever he goes.

In the end everybody forgives him and are not really mad,

Because he is just a little naughty and his intentions are not bad.


Umbo is a charming monster, a bit clumzy, quiet and not very thin,

Always ready to help others while sporting a bashful grin.

When he is not hungry, he is a delight,

But when his stomach begins to growl - get out of his sight.


For Partity - life is one big party,

Surrounded by friends who make her happy, 

She loves to go wild, crazy and celebrate with friends,

Because with her - fun does not stop and never ends.


Bluball is actually not "that" bright,

Yet he thinks - he can get everything right.

But then he gets confused and doesn't understand,

Why nothing around him - goes as he planned.


Flitzi hates to take a shower,

He doesn't like being clean or smell like a flower.

So he is quite disgusting and smelly

And also his house looks filthy, neglected and dirty.


Potata is the smartest one of all,

Equipped with an antenna so very small.

She absorbs and remembers everything she's told,

And a talented singer  - she has a voice of gold.