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Hiding Monsters

A thrilling memory game with a twist!

Your challenge is to uncover each card's hidden monster and its activity.

But wait! The game gets even more exciting with the spinning wheel. Every turn, the wheel will land on a monster or an activity. Your mission? To find and collect all the matching cards!

Imagine the spinner lands on "pizza." Quick! Scout the deck for all the ravenous monsters who gobble up pizza.

Get ready for monstrous fun in Hiding Monsters!

Speedy Monsters

Unleash the excitement with two lightning-fast agility games in one box! No more waiting for turns - everyone plays simultaneously!

 Game 1: Monsters Go Home

Race to gather 4 monster cards of the same type and their corresponding house. Each round, 4 cards are revealed on the table, and players can swiftly switch between them and the cards in their hand. The goal is to create a set of 4 monsters and a house of the same color. But beware, if a magic card pops up, the first player to touch it can choose which monster stays away from home and cannot be collected. Only razor-sharp attention, keen vigilance, and lightning-fast reflexes will lead to victory!

 Game 2: Pile Panic

Hold on tight for this fast-paced challenge! The objective is to be the quickest player to play all their cards by placing them onto the central piles. Stacking monster cards follows a simple rule: match the monster or the activity. For example, a red monster playing ball can be placed on top of any red monster card, the red house, or another monster playing ball.
But keep these exceptions in mind: Flitzy, the green monster, neglected and smelly, no monster wants to get close to it, so only green monster cards can be placed on a green monster card. And when a house card appears, it seals the pile, forbidding any other card to be placed on it.


Get ready for the ultimate monster race, where agility, speed, and a dash of chaos bring forth triumphant moments of laughter and excitement!

Homebound Monsters

A swift two-player strategy game!

Race against your opponent to be the first to bring all your monsters back to their cozy homes.

Each player selects three monsters to guide on their homeward journey. The monsters are arranged in three rows, nestled between the monsters' houses. On each turn, a monster can take a step forward or sideways. But if a monster lands on a spot occupied by another monster, an exchange between the cards occurs.

Strategize wisely as you guide your monsters towards their homes, making sure not to inadvertently aid your opponent's monsters in their quest. The player who uncovers the most advantageous path will claim victory in this nimble strategy game.

Prepare for the challenge of Monsters' Homecoming and let the battle for the best strategy begin! 


Embark on an adventure of words and imagination with TaleOrMem, a memory game that employs the power of storytelling. In this game, players take turns creating a story using Word Cards drawn within 60 seconds.

The challenge is for the other players to remember the precise words used.

Can you craft a tale that your opponents will never forget? Will your memory be sharp enough to recall the unique words that built the story? Get ready for a game that combines creativity and memory skills, where your words will spark moments of laughter and friendly competition. 

Groopic - Monsters Style

Groopic Monster's Style is an ingenious twist on the classic rummy game mechanic. It combines a card grouping strategy with a wonderfully whimsical monster theme.

Instead of sets and runs, players collect groups of hexagonal Monster Cards around central Groopic Cards depicting monster activity symbols. Rearrange groups strategically to be the first to get rid of all your cards!