Homebound Monsters Christmas Edition

How To Play

Game Name: Homebound Monsters: Christmas Edition

The holiday is around the corner, and the monsters are in a hurry to return home. Plan your moves wisely to be the first player to bring all your monsters home. This fast strategic game is designed for 2 players, ages 6 and up.

 Objective: Be the first player to bring all your monsters home.

Game Contents:

12 Monster Cards

6 Monster Homes Cards

3 Christmas Cards

Game Setup:

·   Arrange all the cards in a long grid of 7x3.

·   Each player selects 3 Monster Homes and places them face up in a line closest to their side (Line 1 and 7).

·   Shuffle the Monster Cards and place them face up in a 4x3 grid between the Monster Homes of both players.

·   Arrange the Christmas Cards in a line in the middle of the grid (Line 4).


·   Players take turns.

·   On their turn, a player can move one of their Monster Cards one space forward or sideways. If there is another card in that space, the cards will switch places.

·   When a Monster Card is in front of its Monster Home, the player can, on their next turn, place the Monster Card onto the Monster Home card, signifying that one monster is home.

·   Empty rows are eliminated as monsters reach their homes.

·   Players cannot undo the actions of the player who went before them.

·   The Christmas card's purpose is to allow players to advance their monsters without helping opponent players.

Instructions Game Name- Homebound Monsters-270_200.pdf