Hiding Monsters

How To Play

Hiding Monsters - A Memory Game of Sneaky Fun!

Game Contents:

·   36 MonsterCards: 6 monsters engaged in 6 activities

·   Spinner with monsters and activities


Collect the most MonsterCards.

Game Setup:

·   Shuffle the MonsterCards and place 16 of them face down in a 4x4 grid.

·   Peek at 4 MonsterCards of your choice without letting the other players see.

·   The remaining MonsterCards are set aside.


·   Take turns spinning the spinner to reveal a monster or activity.

·   You can turn the spinner only once at your turn.

·   Use your sharp memory to find all MonsterCards with a hiding monster matching the spinner's result.

·   Keep any matching cards you find and continue your turn.

·   But watch out! If you reveal a non-matching card, your turn is over!

·   Show all revealed cards to the other players.

·   The game is over when there are less than 5 MonsterCards left.

·   The player that collected more MonsterCards than the other players, wins the game!

Get ready to put your memory skills to the test and uncover those sneaky hiding monsters!

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